With nearly all business industries quickly migrating to a more digital world, many people tend to think that the idea of getting print done for their business is a bit old fashioned, and that most of their marketing budget should be spent on online advertising instead of more traditional printed mediums. This however, is one of the big mistakes that a handful of businesses, both small and large, make regularly. And as part of the Shropshire Media group, we strongly urge local businesses to launch digital advertising alongside their print marketing too.

So why is print marketing not as effective on its own? And why do you need to go digital with your advertising efforts as well? Primarily, it is to do with different customer preferences. Some people are big fans of being able to open up their smartphone, and find businesses online quickly and easily, instead of having to sieve through a handful of flyers and leaflets they’ve accumulated over time. Contrary to this though, some people prefer to read through physical copies of information instead of reading various flashy adverts online – it’s a mixture of preferences, and although we can’t say for sure what the majority of your customers prefer, it’s safer to say that going with a mixture of both print and digital will help you to gain maximum exposure to potential clients.

Both digital and print formats come with their own respective benefits. For example, print products have phenomenal longevity, and serve as a great way of delivering permanent pieces of marketing to your customers, so they can always have a go to product with all your details on. Digital marketing can on the other hand act as a perfect way of getting into the hands of your customers any time, anywhere. People could be on a lunch break at work, or stuck on a bus in traffic, but with most of the population these days having a smartphone at their disposal, your next sale is just the other side of a phone screen.

Luckily for you, as mentioned before, Shropshire Printers is an arm of the established Shropshire Media group, meaning we are able to offer premium online marketing solutions for you as well as beautiful print products showcasing your brand. It’s easy to get started, just drop us a message at studio@shropshiremedia.com or give us a ring on 01743 817596 today! We can’t wait to make your business grow.